How can I check if my transaction went through or not?

To check if your transaction went through, you have to first look at the transaction in the transaction history.

Here is an example of a transaction that went through:

  1. Confirmations are greater than 6 (BTC, Dash, LTC, ZEC, RSK) or 12 (ETH, ETC, REP)
  2. You can see at the far end below mining fee that the transaction was confirmed in a block



Here is an example that has not yet gone through:

  1. It says "Unconfirmed"
  2. Confirmed in Block does not show a block number
  3. there's no Confirmation, or it shows "0" under "Confirmations"


If your transaction disappeared from the transaction history. The transaction may have failed due to various reasons (blockchain, network, mining fees being low, etc).

Check your total balance on the blockchain to see your most accurate numbers, if the balance on Jaxx is not equal to the balance on the blockchain.

You can check your blockchain balance by using this article as a guide: My balance is not correct. What can I do?