My balance is incorrect. How can I get the correct balance and what can I do?

The blockchain will always provide the most accurate information. If you believe that your balances on the application are not correct, feel free to calculate your balance by plugging in your public addresses on a block explorer.

Note: Please perform a cache reset (Settings > Reset Jaxx Cache) first and see whether that fixes the issue. Remember to write down your Backup Phrase (Tools > Backup Wallet) prior to doing so. 

To calculate the balance of a Bitcoin address on the block explorer, follow these steps:

1. Go to Menu > Tools > Display Private Keys > Display Bitcoin keys and click "I understand" on the warning page.

You will see your Bitcoin public addresses in pair with your private keys.


2. Highlight the public key and then copy it to clipboard.

3. Go to a block explorer such as and paste your address into the search box.


4. You should then be able to see the balance for that address.


5. Do the same for the rest of your public keys. Tally up the balance of each address then compare it to your Jaxx wallet balance. 

6. If your balance in the blockchain is not consistent with your balance in Jaxx, try the following:

- Connect to a different network and restart the application

- Reset your Cache (Settings > Reset Jaxx Cache)

- Make sure you're not on Firewall, Tor, or VPN

- Make sure that you're not mining, please refer to this link: Can I point my mining rigs to Jaxx?