I sent funds to Jaxx but they're not showing up in my wallet. What's next?

There could be various reasons as to why you're not seeing your accurate balance. Follow these steps to troubleshoot this issue: 

  1. "Did I send funds to the correct address?"
     Check and make sure that the address you sent funds to is correct. Public addresses are case  sensitive so make sure that each character is the same. Please check to make sure you sent funds to  the right token (when sending to ETH, ETC or REP).

  2. "Does the address exist in my list of public keys?"

     Check to make sure that the address exists as one of your public keys by going to Menu > Tools >  Display Private Keys > Display <token / coin in question> and make sure that the target address is  displayed.

  3. "Are the funds in my public address (on a block explorer)?"

    The blockchain is the most accurate point of reference when it comes to balances and transactions. It will show you your most recent transactions as well as your most accurate balance. Check the target address on a block explorer to see whether the funds have been deposited into that address. If not, it's possible that the transaction has either failed, or is still pending.

  4. "Are the balances on the blockchain consistent with the wallet balance in Jaxx?"

    You can see the balance of each address in Jaxx when you visit your private keys and public addresses (Menu > Tools > Display Private Keys > Display <token / coin> Keys).

    As shown below, each address will show the balance:


  5. If the balances are not the same, make sure that you are not using the following services:

    - Mining payouts (please redirect your mining payouts to another service and read this article : Can I point mining payouts to Jaxx?)
    - Firewall
    - Tor
    - VPN (at work, home, etc.
    -public wireless network

    If you are on firewall, Tor, or VPN, please turn them off and restart the application to see whether that fixes the issue. If you are not using any of these services, try connecting to a different network (cellular network or strong, private WiFi). Please also keep in mind that some government institutions does not allow the use of blockchain technology / cryptocurrency and this may be the cause of this issue. 

  6. Lastly, try to reseting your cache once you have checked for all of the above.