I made an outgoing BTC transaction from Jaxx but I have not yet received it. What's happening?

When you do Bitcoin transactions, it is necessary to note that the Bitcoin blockchain network has recently increased in volume causing transactions to fail or not go through.


If you recently made outgoing BTC transactions from Jaxx and have yet to receive it, do the following:

1. Check the number of confirmations first.

Are there any confirmations? 0 Confirmations? If there are no confirmations yet or the transaction is showing 0 confirmations, it is best to check on the blockchain for the status.

Take the transaction ID of the transaction and search it up on

When you search your transaction on, you will see either of the following:

i) Unconfirmed Transaction


From this information, you can see various details about the transaction.

1. Mining Fees were low - In a blockchain such as Bitcoin that has an increasing amount of volume, it is essential that you make sure mining fees are enough for the miners so that they will pick up your transaction. 


In Jaxx, you can accomplish this by making sure you set your BTC mining fee settings (Menu >Settings) to either Average or Pricey fees.

2. The Confidence rating is low - The confidence of a transaction goes down when a double spend is detected. That means successive transactions are attempted. It is best to first wait for your previous outgoing transaction to first have confirmations so that this can be avoided.


In conclusion: If your transaction is still unconfirmed, make sure that:

- You're on average mining fees

- You did not try to send transactions in succession

Unfortunately, there's nothing that we can do when your transaction has been sent to the blockchain, it will either go through or it would not. 

Another to note is that if your transaction disappeared from your Jaxx transaction that means that the transaction has been dropped from the mempool already. If that occurs, the funds should go back to your original wallets in which you sent from.