How do I check my transactions on Blockcypher?

Blockcypher is a very helpful tool that helps the sender / receiver with monitoring a specific transaction.

This article will teach you:

In order to search blockcypher, you would need the following:

  • The sending public address
  • The transaction id / hash 

To start off...

Copy your transaction Id and paste it into Blockcypher as follows, click 'Search' after you have pasted the transaction so that you can proceed on searching the transaction id:


How to find out whether the transaction has succeeded?

A fully successful transaction will show as follows:


As you can see from the image, the following is true:

  • The sender sent 0.06229209 BTC 2 years ago
  • The sender used 0.0001 BTC as a mining fee to help transact
  • The receiver received the funds 2 years ago
  • There are 6+ confirmations for the transaction

The confirmations will show you the status of your transaction as well, check out the following article so that you can find out what the confirmation numbers mean: Low Confidence Rating / Confirmations.

In conclusion, a BTC transaction that has 6+ confirmations can be considered as successful.


How to find out whether the transaction is still ongoing?

If your transaction is still ongoing, the best way to to tell would be from the amount of confirmations, see the following image: 


If you take a look at the amount of confirmations on the top right, you will notice that the amount has yet to reach 6+ confirmations. There could be various as to why the confirmations has yet to reach 6+.

See the note above to find what the confirmation numbers mean. 

To find out why your confirmations are staying at 0, please see the following article: Transactions taking a long time


How to find out if the transaction has failed and what happens if that is the case?

If it so happens that the transaction has failed, you will se the following message:


This indicates that the transaction did not go through and the funds should go back to the originating address / wallet.

If you are the seeing that the transaction has failed but the funds do not appear in your Jaxx wallet, please see the following article: What is my most accurate balance?