Low Confidence Rating


You just checked your transaction on the blockchain and you noticed 2 things:

  • Low confidence rating
  • 0/6 confirmations

As you can see from the image above, there is a confidence rating window when you check your unconfirmed transaction on the block explorer, in this case, is used.

Low confidence ratings are caused by transactions being repeatedly spent or  successfully spending some money more than once. 

To avoid this, it is advised that you wait for confirmations from your previous outgoing transactions first prior to attempting another outgoing transaction.

0/6 Confirmations is the status of the transaction:

1. If you see 0 confirmations, that means that your funds are still waiting to be put on the blockchain, you have to give it some more time for miners to pick up your transaction and put it on the blockchain for it to be transacted.

2. 6+ confirmations (12+ in tokens) simply means that the target address has already received the funds