Jaxx Wallet Chrome Extension - Extension may have been corrupted error message

A Chrome extension release we pushed (version had some issues on the Chrome webstore after the submission process and would disappear when clicked by the user and would not be usable.

The Chrome extension would have updated automatically to this version without input from the user.

WARNING: PLEASE DO NOT CLICK REPAIR OR TRY TO DELETE OR UNINSTALL/REINSTALL UNLESS YOU HAVE YOUR 12 WORD BACKUP PHRASE. If in doubt please Submit a support request to our support team and also check the notes at the bottom of this article.

Whenever the user would check their extensions list (by typing chrome://extensions in the address bar) the below would show for Jaxx:

We have updated the extension in the Chrome webstore and the update should be pushed to the user's browsers shortly. Once the update is downloaded, the Jaxx Wallet should be functional and previous information restored unless you have Repaired or re-installed the extension in the meantime.

If you are still seeing the above version number and error message in your chrome://extensions page you will need to force an update of the extensions by enabling the Developer Mode and clicking the Update extensions now button. at the top of the page:


  • If you deleted the extension and re-installed it, the issue experienced would have been the same until the update was pushed by our devs and reached your browser. When deleting an extension, the extension related information is cleared as well so the wallet would need to be paired with the 12 Word Backup Phrase to restore access.
  • If you clicked on Repair, a re-download process would have happened just as above, and a pair operation of the 12 Word Backup Phrase would be needed to restore access to the wallet.