My token balance is not showing up correctly in the Jaxx Wallet

If you're not seeing the correct balance of your ERC20 token (such as CVC-Civic, REP-Augur etc.) in the Jaxx Wallet but you know the tokens are in one of your Jaxx ETH addresses it may be because Jaxx is only looking for them in the genesis address.

Your funds are there, just that the Jaxx Wallet is not looking at the address they're in and you need to move them to the right one.

One potential way of resolving this is to try the below:

  1. Go to: in your browser and Select Private key from the available options.
  2. In Jaxx (process might work best if you're using the Desktop version or the Chrome extension). Go to: MENU > Tools > Display Private Keys > (I UNDERSTAND) > Display Ethereum Keys
  3. Look for the Private Key for the address (Public Key) that you know your tokens are in
  4. Select and Copy the Private Key for that address and go back to the page on Step 1 and paste it into the box
  5. Click Unlock
  6. Make sure that the top right corner dropdown Network: has the ETH (MyEtherWallet) node selected
  7. Go back to Jaxx, the <token> wallet page and copy the address shown there by clicking the button to the right of it
  8. Paste the address in the page from Step 1 in the To Address field.
  9. In the text field below it, select the <token> from the dropdown to the right of it
  10. Click the Send entire balance text right underneath that text field
  11. Click Generate Transaction then click on Send Transaction
  12. On the pop-up, check that the Amount and most importantly the address you are sending to is the correct one. A quick way to validate the address is to make sure the first 3-4 characters and the last 3-4 characters are correct.
  13. If all looks good then click on Yes, I am sure! Make transaction.
  14. Wait a couple minutes and the <tokens> should show up in your Jaxx Wallet

If you're having any issues with this process please do not hesitate to reach out to our amazingly fast Customer Success team.