Bitcoin Cash (BCH) launched in Jaxx

We are happy to announce that we are now ready to release Bitcoin Cash in the Jaxx Wallet.

We had a staged rollout starting on Nov 6th that is now complete. 100% of Jaxx Android and Chrome Extension users should now have access to their BCH wallet and be able to claim the BCH as well.

Desktop versions (Windows, Max and Linux) have been updated as well.

Once the updated Jaxx Wallet containing BCH reaches your device please follow the below instructions to claim your Bitcoin Cash:

Requirements for the BCH claim process:
- Android or Chrome Browser (for the moment)
- Jaxx Wallet version 1.3.6 (or above). You can check your current Jaxx Wallet version by going to the MENU > About section. If your Jaxx Wallet is not on 1.3.6 (or above) please check the Google Play store for updates (if using Android) or force a Chrome Extension update (if using Chrome)

Bitcoin Cash claim process:

Step 1: Be sure the BCH Wallet is activated in MENU > WALLETS

Step 2: Go to the Jaxx BCH Wallet in the top carousel menu

Step 3: Wait for an orange popup that will show you the amount of Bitcoin Cash you can claim and give you the option to Claim or Cancel.

- if you chose Claim, that amount will be transferred from all previous holding addresses into your newly created Bitcoin Cash address. This increase the security of your funds as the previous addresses have shared Private Keys with the Bitcoin chain
- if you choose Cancel, don't worry about it, every time you will switch back to your Bitcoin Cash wallet the orange screen will pop-up again

Step 4: After choosing Claim, the orange screen will disappear and the transaction will be broadcasted. Please pause for 20-30 seconds with the Jaxx Wallet open to be sure the transaction is indeed broadcasted.

Step 5: Depending on your internet connection speed the Jaxx BCH Wallet balance should update with the amount claimed within 1 min potentially. A few minutes after that the transaction should appear too, in the Transaction History section

A couple other guidelines to be sure you're getting the right result during the claim process:
1. Be sure to have your device on a strong internet connection that does not have a VPN active or is not behind a strong firewall (this is important!)
2. Be sure that your BTC Wallet is also active and fully initialized in order for the Claim amount on the orange screen to be correctly updated. If unsure, deactivate all wallets except BTC, Reset the Cache, let the BTC Wallet initialize and then activate the BCH wallet.
3. After you click Claim, pause for a minute or two so that the transaction is being broadcasted to the network.
4. Wait 10-15 minutes for the claim transaction to show up in your BCH wallet. If you get the Claim screen again during that time please don't click Claim again as that would create a double spending transaction and create issues.