Jaxx does not freeze, block or control user funds

Jaxx is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet that acts as a gateway to various blockchain technologies, allowing users to manage their digital assets.

Your funds are not in Jaxx, they are always on their respective blockchain and this has many advantages as you can choose to audit your wallet information via many public blockchain explorers and also manage your digital assets safely with the Jaxx Wallet or any other compatible wallet and. Since Jaxx is not a bank, users have full access to their wallet Backup Phrase (e.g. seed, mnemonic) and also their wallet's Private Keys.

Your Jaxx Wallet security information is saved only on your device, it's not saved on any Jaxx server and you are the only one having access to it directly from your Jaxx Wallet application:

  • Wallet 12-word Backup Phrase: MENU > Tools > Backup Wallet > View Backup Phrase
  • Wallets Private Keys: MENU > Tools > Display Private Keys > (I UNDERSTAND)

If you're not satisfied with the service or information provided by the Jaxx Wallet on your device you have many options of validating the information or choosing to utilize alternative ways of managing your digital assets:

First, to be sure your Jaxx Wallet is showing the most up to date information, please be sure to be updated to the latest version available (, do a Cache Reset (MENU > Settings > Reset Jaxx Cache) and also try pairing your 12-word Backup Phrase on other platforms to rule out any device specific issues.

Second, verify that the information you think should be there is actually there, by validating it on the blockchain. You can use a wide variety of public blockchain explorers to check your assets such as for BTC, LTC, DOGE, DASH and for ETH and all ERC20 tokens.

Third, you can use other wallets to transact your assets even if your wallet has been created with Jaxx. For example, you can use to transact the ETH you have in Jaxx by importing the address' Private Key and building the transaction from their wallet. MEW also works for Ethereum tokens (ERC20) such as CVC, EOS, GNT etc. 


Jaxx is one of the industry's leading multi-cryptocurrency wallets that blends a simple and attractive UI and general ease of use for transactions and trading (through ShapeShift). If at any point you are concerned about the information displayed in Jaxx or experience any inability to transact your assets from your Jaxx Wallet, you are not locked in Jaxx; Jaxx does not freeze or control your digital assets; with direct availability of the wallet security informationYOU are in full control of your funds and have simple options to vet the information Jaxx is showing and have alternatives in managing your digital assets.