How do I add or remove a security PIN?

Starting with v0.0.12, Jaxx features an optional 4-digit PIN to protect the Send function and access to your wallet's pairing code or secure mnemonic phrase.

To add a PIN:

  1. In the Menu at the top right of the main Jaxx screen, select Settings.
  2. Select Setup Security PIN.
  3. Enter your desired PIN.
  4. Enter it a second time to confirm.

This PIN will now need to be entered whenever an attempt is made to send bitcoin or ether from your Jaxx wallet, whenever an attempt is made to display your wallet's pairing code or mnemonic phrase, and whenever the list of public and private keys is accessed.

To remove your PIN, return to the Setup Security PIN screen and select Remove PIN. You will be required to enter your current PIN once more to remove it.

If you require additional security, you may want to enable some of your device's native security features (eg a password on your phone).