It has been quite a while and my ShapeShift transaction has not turned up in the target wallet. What do I do?

When you make a ShapeShift transaction, your funds are sent over to ShapeShift and then ShapeShift converts your funds and then they are sent to the destination address.

How do you find out whether your funds are with ShapeShift or still in a Jaxx address?

1. If you see 0 confirmations, that means that your funds are still waiting to be put on the blockchain, you have to give it some more time for miners to pick up your transaction and put it on the blockchain for it to be transacted.

2. In the example below, you can see 6+ confirmations (12+ in tokens), which simply means that ShapeShift has already received the funds and will convert it to the user's desired currency and give it back to the user's desired currency's wallet.


As you can see, Jaxx sends your transaction and ShapeShift will be the one to convert the funds and send them back to your wallet.

To find out whether your funds have been sent to ShapeShift already, follow these steps:

1. Take the target address of the funds. In the image above, that would be the 'Sent To' address.

2. Replace the<ShapeShift 'Sent To' address> in the following link with the 'Sent To' address that you took<ShapeShift 'Sent To' address>

3. You should then see the status as follows:


4. As you can see, the status is complete and the funds should be in the withdraw address

If your funds are already with ShapeShift and you are concerned in regards to it, it would be best to contact ShapeShift directly via their support page.

Note: If the transaction went through (check the transaction history and the Transaction ID log), you've been waiting for more than half an hour, and have already attempted to Refresh your balance of the token/coin you're Shifting to with no luck, please contact ShapeShift's support team with the transaction details. Specify that you are using the Jaxx integration.