How do I split my ETH/ETC?

As of version, 1.1.1, Jaxx added support for ethereum classic and splitting your ether. Ether that existed in jaxx before the hard fork can now be easily split. If you don’t have any ether to split, you will be notified.

To start, enable your ethereum classic wallet in the wallet menu (Menu > Wallets > Ethereum Classic). 

To start the split go to Menu > Tools > ETH/ETC Split. 

It will open the window explaining everything about the split and asking you if you’re okay with the small gas costs that the split contract requires.

If you don’t have enough ether to properly execute the contract then you’ll see a warning, advising you to put more ether in the the displayed ETH address. 

Press confirm when your ready and the contract will take a few moments to complete.

And once you’ve done this you can hold your ETC, or if you want; exchange it for another token using the ShapeShift integration.

For a video tutorial on how to split your ETH/ETC, click here.