Can I send ETC to an ETH wallet? (I sent ETC to my ETH wallet in Jaxx!)

Please do not send ETC to ETH, as they are two separate currencies/protocols. As well, do not send ETH to ETC. 

If you have mistakenly sent ETC to an ETH address in Jaxx, go to Tools > ETH/ETC Split and you should be prompted to do a split. If you have sent ETH to an ETC address, we are unable to split your currencies.

If the ETH/ETC Split Tool does not work, please find your ETC private key first by going to Menu -> Tools -> Display Private Keys -> Display Ethereum Classic Keys. Import your private key into or similar service to split your Ether as you are unable to do so in Jaxx. Please review this article for further instructions.

Please ensure that you are sending to the correct currency in the future.