Can I point my mining rig payouts to Jaxx?

Jaxx is a lightweight wallet that is not ideal for receiving frequent and tiny transactions that mining efforts in general produce, therefore, we are recommending that you do not point your mining rewards to your Jaxx Wallet.

If you find that your Jaxx Wallet frequently freezes or will not initialize, it is possible that the sum total of your frequent micro-transactions have become heavier than our lightweight wallet can manage.

If you think this is the case, there are two things to consider:

1. Perhaps your pool or rig has the capacity to group your future rewards into larger, less frequent (even weekly) payments. If it does, please consider that.

2. If you're experiencing issues managing the wallet/address you were sending the rewards to, simply create a brand new instance of Jaxx and import the Private Key of that address. This article will take you through the steps, here