I can't send from my REP / GNT / GNO / ICN wallet! (0 spendable and receiving error message)

Augur (REP) / Golem (GNT) / Gnosis (GNO) / Iconomi (ICN) run on the Ethereum network so it requires a small gas cost to perform transactions. 

If you are seeing this message "Some of youraccounts require more ETH to be able to transfer", all you need to do is send a small ETH fee to the exact ETH address listed in the error message. 

Please copy your current address to clipboard and send a small amount of ETH (0.02 of ETH should do) to the address in your Ethereum wallet by pasting it to "Receiving Address". Please make sure your ETH transaction has received at least 12 confirmations before trying to send out of your REP / GNT / GNO / ICN wallet.