Some of your accounts require more ETH to be able to transfer

ERC20 tokens (such as Augur (REP) / Golem (GNT) / Gnosis (GNO) / Iconomi (ICN) / EOS /  Civic (CVC) / BAT / ENJ / WAX etc.) run on the Ethereum network and they require a small ETH amount (as gas) to cover the transaction mining fees. 

If you are seeing this message: "Some of your accounts require more ETH to be able to transfer" under the form of an orange banner this means you either don't have enough ETH in the address you're trying to transact from or you may need to do a Cache Reset to be sure Jaxx is fully aware of the balance of that ETH address.

Check the address from the wallet that the message is appearing on, on a blockchain explorer like to see the ETH balance.

- If it's less than 0.0035 ETH then you need to top it up to at least this amount to allow one transaction from that address

- if you can see a larger balance than 0.0035ETH on that address then you need to perform a re-initialization of the ETH wallet in order for Jaxx to get the correct balance from the blockchain. To reinitialize the ETH wallet you need to de-select it from MENU > WALLETS and go back to any other coin, like BTC, then go back and re-select ETH in MENU > WALLETS and go back and select the ETH wallet from the top carousel menu and let it initialize. Please be sure to be on a strong internet connection when the initialization process is being performed.