Where are the Jaxx files stored on my desktop? (Can I recover my wallet on my hard drive?)

The data store in which Jaxx stores your wallet information depends on the operating system that you are using.


For Windows Users:

1. You have to first make sure that your hidden files are viewable, please refer to this link to find out how to do that: Show Hidden Files (Microsoft)

2. Go to the following link on your Windows Explorer: C:\Users\<Your Computer's User Name>\AppData\Roaming\Jaxx\Local Storage

3. You should be able to find a file in there that's entitled: file__0.localstorage


For Mac and Linux users:

Open the terminal:

Linux: Ctrl + Alt + T

Mac: Cmd + T

Once the terminal is open you can go change directory into ~/.config/Jaxx/Local\ Storage/ using the cd Linux command.

You can recover your wallet from the hard drive via a data retrieval service by locating your Jaxx Local_Storage files.